Avonside Engine Co Works No 1568 Lucy 0-6-0ST

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Lucy was built by the Avonside Engine Company at Bristol in 1909 and delivered to the Hutchinson Estate & Dock Co. Ltd. at Widnes. It was one of three class B3 0-6-0STs supplied having 14″ x 22″ cylinders and 3′ 3″ driving wheels, a type so familiar for so long in Liverpool’s dockland. They were named Gertrude, Lucy, and Mary and dated from 1906, 1909 and 1913 respectively, and were named after the daughters of John Hutchinson, one of the founders of the Widnes chemical industry.

The engine Lucy spent it’s entire working life on the Widnes dock system.

It was dismantled in August 1952 and sent to the Hunslet Engine Co. for overhaul. One year later, it returned to work very smartly painted green with yellow lining.

Lucy was retired in January 1971 and was purchased by the Liverpool Locomotive Preservation Group in February 1972 and stored together with Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST locomotive Efficient in a dockside engine shed at Seacombe.  Lucy was transferred to Steamport Southport in August 1973, but briefly returned across the Mersey in July 1978 to take charge of the Birkenhead docker No.4 railtour. Once again in the early 1980’s, Lucy took retirement, and remains a static exhibit.

Lucy moved to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston with the rest of the stock from Southport, and arrived there in February 1999.

Recently given the locomotive has been given a new coat of paint for exhibition in the museum, the long term plan is to return Lucy to working condition once more when time and materials become available.

1568 in Steamport at Southport – 1980
1568 Lucy at the Ribble Steam Railway – September 2012
1568 at the Ribble Steam Railway – October 2019

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