Avonside Engine Co Works No 1917     Earl Fitzwilliam 0-6-0ST

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This locomotive was built by Avonside Engine Company in 1923 and initially worked at the Pitsford Ironstone Quarries in Northampton. Here it carried the name Pitsford.

When the locomotive was bought for preservation it was moved to the Fawley Hill Railway, until 1972 when it moved to the Nene Valley Railway. It later left the Nene Valley Railway and was overhauled on the Elsecar Railway where it acquired the name The Earl Fitzwilliam.

The locomotive was withdrawn from Elsecar Railway services in 2002 after ten years hard work for the railway. This locomotive was the main workhorse on passenger services from when the railway began operating services in the early 1990’s, until withdrawal from service in 2001.

It is currently awaiting overhaul.

1917 at Wansford on the Nene Valley Railway – April 1976
1917 at Elsecar – 1990s
1917 Earl Fitzwilliam at the Elsecar Railway – May 2017

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