Fletcher Jennings & Co    Works No 158    No 3 Baxter 0-4-0T

Fletcher Jennings 158.jpg

Driving Wheels 3ft 6ins
Boiler Pressure 150psi
Cylinders Outside – 12 in x 20in
Tractive Effort 8,740lbf

This locomotive was built at Lowca by Fletcher Jennings & Co in 1877 for the Dorking Greystone Lime Works at Bletchworth in Surrey.

It has bar frames, disc wheels and Fletcher, Jenning’s own patented variation of Allen Straight Link motion.

The locomotive became the No 3 but after 1932 it also bore the name Captain Baxter which became just Baxter in 1947.

The locomotive was withdrawn from industrial service in 1959 acquired by the Bluebell Railway where it moved to in August 1960.

It was laid aside after a single steaming soon after arrival at the Bluebell, it was only in 1982 that it returned to traffic after a comprehensive overhaul.

The locomotive is really too small to haul any of the regular passenger trains and did not have adequate braking capacity to even shunt the carriage yard until 2011 when it was fitted with vacuum brakes and a steam heating capability. Since then it has worked the occasional demonstration goods train, and acted as station pilot at Sheffield Park.

The locomotive last returned to service in 2010 and has a boiler certificate which is valid until July 2020.

In July 2016, Baxter was invited to the Talyllyn Railway to celebrate Dolgoch’s 150th birthday and became the first standard gauge engine to visit the railway. Dolgoch was also built by Fletcher, Jennings & Co.

Baxter at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway - June 1964.jpg 158 at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway – June 1964
Baxter at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway - May 1972.jpg 158 at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway – May 1972
Fletcher Jennings 158.jpg 158 at Beamish Museum – April 2012


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