Hawthorn Leslie    Works No 2491 Henry 0-4-0ST

This locomotive was built in 1901 by Hawthorn Leslie for Webster’s Brick and Lime Works in Coventry. It was then given the name Rosabel after the daughter of the Managing Director (Henry Webster) of the London & North Western Railway (LNWR).

The locomotive was used to haul wagons laden with bricks over the LNWR line between Coventry and Nuneaton.

During the First War it hauled large naval guns being built at the Coventry Ordnance Works.

By 1928 it was owned by British Celanese Limited (later Cautaulds) and based at Spondon near Derby. Here it was given the name Henry after Dr Henri Dreyfus, the Swiss chemist who was the chairman of British Celanese.

It is understood that the locomotive was still in service as late as 1972 but only as a spare engine.

It spent time at Tyseley in the late 1980 and early 1990s before moving to Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

It is now on static display at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

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