Hawthorn Leslie    Works No 3575    Coal Products No 3 Glasshoughton No 3 0-6-0ST

Hawthorn Leslie 3575 Tanfield Railway May 2012.jpg

The locomotive was constructed by Hawthorn Leslie in 1923 with two outside cylinders of 15in x 22in, 3ft 7in diameter driving wheels and a weight of 37tons 10cwt

As No.3 it was new to the Yorkshire Coking & Chemical Co Ltd at their Glasshoughton Coking Plant, near Castleford in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Here it worked on shunting the sidings off the LMS Methley branch and the short line to nearby Glasshoughton Colliery.

On the nationalisation of the coal industry in January 1947 it became the property of the National Coal Board′s Coal Products Division and was renamed Coal Products No.3.

Ownership changed to National Smokeless Fuels in April 1973 and following the closure of the Coking Plant in April 1978, it moved to the Tanfield Railway at Marley Hill in March 1979.

The locomotive is stored on the Tanfield Railway awaiting restoration.

3575 at NCB Glasshoughton Coking Plant – circa 1968
3575 at Glasshoughton Coking Plant in Castleford- Date unknown
Hawthorn Leslie 3575 at the Tanfield Railway - August 1989.jpg
3575 at the Tanfield Railway – August 1989
Hawthorn Leslie 3575 Tanfield Railway May 2012.jpg
3575 at the Tanfield Railway – May 2012
3575 at Marley Hill on the Tanfield Railway – April 2014

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