Hawthorn Leslie    Works No 3715   Associated Portland Cement at Swanscombe No 1 0-4-0ST

This was one of five identical locomotives supplied by Hawthorn Leslie to the Associated Portland Cement Company of Swanscombe, Kent, in 1928. All seven worked on the site until the opening of a new works and the introduction of diesels made them redundant.

The locomotive was constructed with two outside cylinders of 16in x 24in, 3ft 3in diameter driving wheels and a weight of 25tons and a tractive effort of 21.425lbf.

1970 was the last full year of service for the Swanscombe’s Hawthorn Leslie saddle tanks; in 1971, the locomotives were stored in a line out of use in a siding, their roles having been assumed by a fleet of diesel locomotives

It was moved to the Colne Valley Railway but it is understood to be being restored elsewhere.

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