Hawthorn Leslie     Works No 3718   Associated Portland Cement at Swanscombe No 4 0-4-0ST

Swanscombe Cement works Hawthorne Leslie 3718 Northfleet - July 1957.jpg

This was one of five identical locomotives supplied by Hawthorn Leslie to the Associated Portland Cement Company (APC) of Swanscombe, Kent, in 1928. All seven worked on the site until the opening of a new works and the introduction of diesels made them redundant.

The Swanscombe quarry became the site for Bluewater shopping centre.

The locomotive was constructed with two outside cylinders of 16in x 24in, 3ft 3in diameter driving wheels and a weight of 25tons and a tractive effort of 21.425lbf.

After being made redundant at Swanscombe it would appear that this locomotive moved to Long Marston where it was stored for the Stratford on Avon and Broadway Railway Society. With no prospect of opening the line between Stratford and Honeybourne within 10 years the society took the decision to find a new home for its stock or sell it off in February 2010.

Swanscombe No 4 then found its way to Barrow Hill Roundouse where it has been restored before moving to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in early 2018.

This locomotive was recorded in the Industrial Railway Society list of locomotives published in 2006 as Works No 3719.

Swanscombe Cement works Hawthorne Leslie 3718 Northfleet - July 1957.jpg
3718 at Swanscombe Cement works, Northfleet – July 1957
Hawthorn Leslie 3718 at Kemsley - April 2004 - I think this is 3718 not used.jpg
 3718 at Kemsley – April 2004
Hawthorn Leslie 3718 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse - April 2017.jpg
 3718 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse – April 2017
3718 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road – October 2018
3718 at Pitsford sidings on the Northampton & Lamport Railway – February 2020

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