Hawthorn Leslie    Works No 3865 Singapore 0-4-0ST

Hawthorn Leslie 3865  Rocks By Rail  Nov 2009.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hawthorn Leslie in 1936 for the Admiralty Dockyards for shunting stores and equipment supplying Royal Navy ships. It was delivered new to the Royal Navy dockyard in Singapore, the locomotive incorporates an insulated double roof for working in high temperatures.

The locomotive was working at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Singapore during the Second Word War when the base fell to the Japanese in 1942. It was used by the Japanese but was returned to Britain in 1953 and then worked at the Royal Naval Dockyard at Chatham. At Chatham the locomotive was numbered Yard No.440.

The locomotive incurred shrapnel damage to its right hand cylinder cover and boiler cladding sheets from the heavy fighting whilst it was in Singapore.

Early dieselisation of the yards led the locomotive becoming surplus to requirements. As a result in 1972 it entered preservation at the South Eastern Steam Centre set up in the old steam sheds at Ashford in Kent.

This scheme did not succeed and the collection was put up for sale and Singapore was purchased by two founder members of the Rutland Railway Museum in October 1978.

A full boiler rebuild was undertaken in the mid 2000s to enable the locomotive to operate again.

The locomotive is currently being overhauled at the Rutland Railway Museum (Rocks by Rail – The Living Ironstone Museum at Cottesmore). The restoration suffered a major setback in 2018 after some of its parts were stolen.

The locomotive has been included as a registered War Memorial in a survey of the East Midlands. It carries a memorial plaques dedicated to the courage, sacrifice and comradeship of the Allied servicemen who suffered at the hands of the Japanese as Prisoners of War in the Far East 1941-1945.

3865 at the Rutland Railway Museum – Mid 1980s
Hawthorn Leslie 3865  Rocks By Rail  Nov 2009.jpg

3865 at Cottesmore – November 2009

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