Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1309   Henry De Lacy ll 0-4-0ST

Hudswell Clarke 1309  Middleton Railway  July 2015.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1917 and worked alongside another 0-4-0ST in Kirkstall Forge Engineering on the Midland Railway at Kirkstall north of Leeds.

It was one of the oldest and most continuously used industrial site in England.It was a working forge until 1995 when the site was sold to a developer who planned to build houses, offices. Leisure and retail properties and a primary school on the 57 acre site. The history of the forge itself can be traced back to about 1200 when it was established by monks from Kirstall Abbey. Kirstall Forge became a public company as Kirkstall Forge Engineering in 1949 at which time it employed about 1800 people.

The works closed the railway system in 1968.

The locomotive was presented to the Middleton Railway following an appeal from the then Chairman of the railway.

The locomotive was used to haul the first regular passenger services on the Middleton Railway in July 1969.

It is interesting to note that the locomotive has never travelled more than eight miles away from where it was built.

It has been cosmetically restored and is on display in the Engine House Museum.

1309 on the Middleton Railway – circa 1968
1309 at the Middleton Railway – May 2008
Hudswell Clarke 1309  Middleton Railway  July 2015.jpg
1309 at the Middleton Railway – July 2015
1309 in the museum at the Middleton Railway – July 2019

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