Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1369    MSC 67 0-6-0T


This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1919 for the Manchester Ship Canal (MSC) Railway. It was one of the long tanks – having a water capacity of 850 gallons compared with the 580 gallons of the short tanks.

The railway had a fleet of 70 locomotives which ran on one of the largest privately owned networks in the country.

The MSC Railway was able to receive and despatch goods trains to and from all the UK’s main line railway systems, using connecting junctions at three points in the terminal docks. Two were to the north of the canal, operated by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and the London and North Western Railway. The third was to the south, operated by the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC), where by the MSC Railway had taken over the old and abandoned route of the CLC, giving them a monopoly on traffic to the new soap works and steel mill

The locomotive was purchased privately in 1969 and donated to the Middleton Railway in 2012.

It is on display at the Middleton Railway but is not operational.

1369 at Trafford Park Estate – October 1967
1369 at Beamish Museum – September 2011
1369 at the Middleton Railway – October 2018

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