Hudswell Clarke     Works No 1682 Julia 0-6-0ST

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1929 at the Kelham sugar beet factory at Newark which had opened in 1921. In 1936 the factory became part of British Sugar Corporation Ltd (BSC).

Following the introduction of diesel traction the locomotive was retained at Selby as a standby after which it was placed on static display in the Millgate Museum in Newark.

In 1991 it became the first steam locomotive to be based at the newly formed Great Central Railway (Nottingham).

A heavy general overhaul was commenced in 2007 and in the 2010 the frames and boiler were moved into the workshop of Ruddington Locomotive Works.

The privately owned locomotive was under overhaul at the Great Central Railway – Nottingham but was said to have been moved elsewhere. The locomotive was however still at Ruddington in September 2022.

1682 at Nottingham Heritage Railway, Ruddington – October 2022

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