Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1731    No 20 Jennifer 0-6-0T

Hudswell Clarke 1731 Gwili June 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1942 and it spent its working life as Samuel Fox & Co Ltd’s No. 20. It has 3 feet 9 inch diameter driving wheels and 17inch cylinders. With a 190 psi boiler pressure the locomotive produced a tractive effort of 23,000lbf.

Samuel Fox and Company  operated a major steel complex in the Upper Don Valley at Stocksbridge, near Sheffield. In 1967 it became part of the British Steel Corporation upon nationalisation of the industry.

It was donated to Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd., and was moved to the Llangollen Railway from Winson Engineering of Daventry in 2001. It was the restored and was subsequently hired to the Colne Valley Railway.

This was the first locomotive restored by Graeme Walton Binns who gave it the name Jennifer after his wife.

Since then it has been hired out for use on heritage railways including the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway and the Epping & Ongar Railway.

In August 2020 the locomotive made a rare appearance on a scheduled train on the Llangollen Railway.

Following a successful annual boiler test in June 2021 the locomotive moved to the Aln Valley Railway. It will be on free loan there for 15 years with the Aln Valley Railway accepting responsibility for all maintenance requirements for the locomotive.

Hudswell Clarke 1731 at NCB Orgreave - September 1966.jpg
1731 at NCB Orgreave – September 1966
1731 at Grosmont on the NYMR – August 1978
Hudswell Clarke 1731 Gwili June 2011.jpg
1731 on the Gwili Railway – June 2011
1731 at North Weald on the Epping & Ongar Railway – August 2016
1731 at Llangollen after a successful boiler test before leaving for the Aln Valley Railway – June 2021

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