Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1884   S102 Cathryn 0-6-0T

Hudswell Clarke 1884  Ecclesbourne Valley Railway  September 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1955 to a design used for the supply of locomotives to the Port of London Authority (PLA).

This locomotive was bought by the National Coal Board (NCB) and worked at Newmarket Colliery, Near Wakefield. Here it carried the number S102 and worked alongside S103 (Hudswell Clarke Work Number 1864) which was built to the same design.

The locomotive was named Cathryn.

It worked at the Colliery until 1969. During its time there it underwent occasional repairs at the central workshops (NCB Allerton Bywater).

Following some repairs the locomotive was moved in 1969 to St Johns Colliery in Wakefield and it worked there and at Park Hill Colliery in Wakefield.

The locomotive was taken out of service in March 1977 and then went into store at S Harrison, Tinsley before moving on to the South Yorks Preservation Society at Penistone.

This example, number S102 (works number 1884/55), named Cathryn, was purchased in 1944 for work at Newmarket Colliery, Stanley, Wakefield, where it worked, except for until 1969, with its sister locomotive S103 1864/52. After repairs it was then drafted to St Johns Colliery, Wakefield and it alternated between there and Park Hill Colliery, Wakefield, until the end of its working life in March 1977. It has been in store at S. Harrison, Tinsley; then the South Yorks Preservation Society at Penistone which was established in 1979 but ceased to exist in 1995.

It then went to Meadowhall  before moving on to the Elsecar Steam Railway.

It is now based on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway where it is being restored.

In November 2020 it was reported that the boiler had passed its hydraulic test that month undertaken by Israel Newton & Son at Cromford. At that time it was hoped that the boiler would then pass its steam test and be transported back to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway before the end of the year.

1884 at Steamtown Carnforth – July 1981
1884 at Harrisons yard in Tinsley – Circa 1981
Hudswell 1884 at the South Yorkshire Railway - October 1989.jpg
1884 at the South Yorkshire Railway – October 1989
Hudswell Clarke 1884  Ecclesbourne Valley Railway  September 2011.jpg
1884 at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway – September 2011

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