Hudswell Clarke     Works No 1885  The Pilling Pig 0-6-0ST

Hudswell Clarke 1885  Fold House Caravan Park Dec 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1955 by Hudswell for the National Coal Board.

It was delivered new to the Lady Windsor colliery near Ynysybwl on July 1955 but at sometime during its stay there it lost its dome cover.

In July 1971 it was transferred to Mountain Ash colliery which had one of the biggest National Coal Board railway systems in Wales.

It was still working there in the 1970s as it was one of the last vestige’s of steam locomotives in Britain with the last steam working being as late as October 1980. 1885 was taken out of service at the end of 1977 and then stored at Mountain Ash Central Workshops.

The locomotive was later acquired by the National Museum of Wales who sent it to the Gwili Railway at Bronwydd Arms in July 1981.

It then spent some time at the Gwilli Railway but as firebox problems prevented any economic restoration of the locomotive it was only cosmetically restored.

In 2001 the locomotive was moved to the Fold House Caravan Park where it was placed on a plinth. It was then painted in the livery of the Garstang & Knott End Railway as the caravan park is sited near Pilling on the trackbed of that Railway.

The Garstang & Knott End Railway was authorised by an act of Parliament in 1864. The company took five and a half years to build the seven mile single track railway from Garstang as far as Pilling. In 1898 a separate Knott End Railway Company was incorporated to extend the line from Pilling by four and a half miles to Knott End. Upon Grouping in1923 the line became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway.

The locomotive was then given the name the Pilling Pig and carries the number 11302.

The name The Pilling Pig goes back to 1875 and a Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST was named Farmer’s Friend. It was known as the Pilling Pig because of the squeal made by the whistle. This name became colloquially applied to all of the line’s locomotives.

The number 11302 relates to the Garstang & Knot-End Railway’s Manning Wardle 0-6-0T Knott End which that railway acquired in 1908. It was scrapped at Horwich in 1924.

1885 at Mountain Ash – November 1971
1885 at Mountain Ash Colliery shed – May 1973
1885 at Mountain Ash – December 1974
1885 working at NCB Mountain Ash – Jnuary 1977
Hudswell Clarke 1885  Fold House Caravan Park Dec 2011.jpg
1885 at Fold House Caravan Park – December 2011

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