Hudswell Clarke     Works No 679    31 Hamburg 0-6-0T

Hudswell Clarke 679 at the Manchester Ship Canal - May 1966.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1903 by Hudswell Clarke for the Manchester Ship Canal Railway (MSCR) as a member of the what has been referred to as the standard short tank class. The water tank of these engines had a capacity of 580 gallons compared with 840 gallons on the long tanks. The inside cylinders are 15½inch x 20inch.

The MSCR had 200 miles of track and operated 70 steam locomotives in 1959 prior to the introduction of diesels on the network.

This locomotive carried number 31 and was given the name Hamburg. The name was removed from the engine at the outbreak of the First World War after demonstration by dockers at Salford. The name was not replaced on the locomotive again until March 1972 at Haworth on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway (KWVR). The engine has also been fitted with a whistle from a DB locomotive which had formerly been employed on shunting duties at Hamburg docks.

It arrived on the Worth Valley Railway (now the KWVR) in June 1967. It was then fitted with Vacuum brake equipment and steam heating to allow it to haul passenger trains.

It has had limited use on the KWVR as the demand for longer and heavier trains limits its usefulness as it can only haul trains of two or three coaches on the steep gradients on the line.

It is on static display in the museum at Oxenhope.

Hudswell Clarke 679 at the Manchester Ship Canal - May 1966.jpg
679 at the Manchester Ship Canal – May 1966
679 at Waworth on the KWVR – July 1968
679 31 Hamburg after emerging from Mytholmes Tunnel on the KWVR – Febrauary 1987
31 Hamburg in the museum at Oxenhope on the KWVR – March 2013
679 at Oxenhope on the KWVR – August 2018
679 No 31 Hamburg at Oxenhope on the KWVR – March 2022

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