Hudswell Clarke     Works No 680    32 Gothenburg 0-6-0T

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This locomotive was built in 1903 by Hudswell Clarke for the Manchester Ship Canal Railway (MSCR) as a member of the what has been referred to as the standard short tank class. The water tank of these engines had a capacity of 580 gallons compared with 840 gallons on the long tanks. The inside cylinders are 15½inch x 20inch.

The MSCR had 200 miles of track and operated 70 steam locomotives in 1959 prior to the introduction of diesels on the network.

The locomotive has been a long term resident on the East Lancashire Railway where it hauled the first train into Ramsbottom in July 1987.

It is currently operational on the East Lancashire Railway and painted blue so that it can be used as Thomas. The conversion to Thomas also includes a small add on to the side tanks.

The locomotive attended an event at the Danish National Railway Museum at Odense in 2019. It is planned that it will undertake another visit in 2020.  

As of the summer of 2020 the locomotive was operational.

680 – Gothenburg at Burg on the East Lancashire Railway – October 2011
680 – Gothenburg at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway – October 2011. The second engine is Hunslet Works No 3163/3885 Sapper.
680 at Bury on the East Lancs Railway – April 2016

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