Hunslet    Works No 1684    Mendip Collier 0-4-0T

Hunslet 1684 at Peak rail - March 1989.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1931 by the Hunslet Engine Company and supplied to Hall & Co who deployed it at Coulsdon Quarry at Redhill. The engine had 12 inch x 18 inch cylinders and 3 feet 4 inch wheels.

The Quarry was called Stoats Nest Quarry and had a railway system which had exchange sidings with the main line. The quarry extracted lime which was largely used as a fertilizer.

The locomotive later moved to Kilmersdon Colliery, near Radstock in Somerset. The Somerset Coalfield in northern Somerset, England is an area where coal was mined from the 15th century until 1973.

The locomotive worked at Kilmersdon Colliery until the mid 1960s after which it was preserved at the Bleadon & Uphill station museum. In 1968 it was purchased by the 1968 by the G.W.R. 1338 Locomotive Fund, and moved to the Middleton Railway in 2006.

It is currently stored at the Middleton Railway awaiting its restoration.

1684 at NCB Kilmersdon – circa 1967
1684 at Bleadon & Uphill – October 1982
Hunslet 1684 at Peak rail - March 1989.jpg
1684 at Peak Rail – March 1989
Hunslet 1684 Middleton Railway Dec 2009.jpg
1684 at the Middleton Railway – December 2009
1684 at the Middleton Railway – October 2018

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