Hunslet   Works No 2857    WD75008 Swiftsure 0-6-0ST


This locomotive was built in 1943 by the Hunslet Engine Company for the Ministry of Defence. It then entered service as WD 75008.

See LNER class J94 for details.

The locomotive was delivered to the War Department depot at Burton Dassett in Warwickshire.

The locomotive spent some time working at Cadley Hill Colliery near Swadlingcote in South Derbyshire after being based at Dodworth Colliery in Barnsley. It is believed the locomotive arrived at Cadley Hill in the mid 1970s

Around 1975/76 a number of steam locomotives were moved to Cadley Hill as they were displaced by diesel power at other NCB sites. Steam was phased out at Cadley Hill in the mid 1980s and the pit closed in 1988

Cadley Hill Colliery  was one of the last places where steam locomotives were employed. Six locomotives that worked there have been preserved.

  • Bagnall – Works Nos 3059 and 3061
  • Hunslet – Works Nos 2857, 3851 and 3889
  • Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn – Works No 7298

The locomotive operated on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway for a number of years until it was sold to the Strathspy Railway (SR) in March 2006. It had initial trials on the SR but at the start of the season a problem with the firebox was identified and it did not enter service but instead went into store.

In 2013 it was sold to Peak rail where the locomotive was returned to steam.

It ran on the East Lancs Railway in 2015 before going to the Nene Valley Railway (NVR) in November of that year.  Whilst at the NVR it was fitted with air braking equipment.

In 2017 the locomotive ran on the Dean Forest Railway.

The locomotive is owned by Rail and Road Steam Services and In March 2019 was working on the Mid Norfolk Railway. 

2857 arriving back at Dodworth from Hunslets after rebuilding – July 1966
2857 shunting at Dodworth Colliery using the BR line as an extended headshunt – June 1968
2857 inside Dodworth Colliery shed – February 1970
Hunslet 2857 at Dodworth Colliery – 1971
Hunslet 2857 at Dodworth Colliery – 1971
2857 making its last appearance at Dodworth Colliery before it transferred to Cradley Hill Colliery – January 1976
2857 at Bodmin Parkway – June 1993
2857 Swiftsure at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway – September 2015
Swiftsure on the Mid-Norfolk Railway – September 2018

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