Hunslet   Works No 3889    NCB 65 0-6-0ST

HE 3889  Cadley Hill March 1979.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1964 for the National Coal Board by the Hunslet Engine Company to the design used to supply to the Ministry of Defence and is thus regarded as an Austerity type locomotive.

See LNER class J94 for details.

The locomotive was employed by the NCB at NCB Manvers Colliery in South Yorkshire and Cadley Hill Colliery in Staffordshire. It arrived at Cadley Hill in a rundown state and was kept for spares.

The locomotive was allocated the number NCB 65 when it was delivered new to Manvers Main Colliery. Its final home was also the last colliery in Britain to use steam into the early 1980s – the colliery closed in March 1988.

Cadley Hill Colliery at Swadlincote in South Derbyshire was one of the last places where steam locomotives were employed. Six locomotives that worked there have been preserved.

  • Bagnall – Works Nos 3059 and 3061
  • Hunslet – Works Nos 2857, 3851 and 3889
  • Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn – Works No 7298

It appears to have had a nomadic life since it was retired by the NCB. It is identified as being based at Rutland Steam Railway for some time before moving to the Flour Mill in July 2010 and then Peak Rail in March 2014. In January 2015 it moved to the Dean Forest Railway.

It is currently being overhauled at the Dean Forest Railway.

3889 at NCB Cadley Hill near Swadlincote – Circa 1975
HE 3889  Cadley Hill March 1979.jpg
3889 at Cadley Hill – March 1979

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