Hunslet    Works No 2864    WD75015 48 0-6-0ST

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See LNER class J94 for details.

This locomotive was built in 1943 by the Hunslet Engine Company for the Ministry of Defence. It then entered service as WD 75015.

It was initially stored on the Melbourne Military Railway at Derby before going on loan to Ministry of Fuel & Power at Moorthorpe opencast coalmine near Pontefract in Yorkshire in December 1945.. It was moved to Wattnall opencast mine in Nottinghamshire in April 1946.

It was then sold by the war Department to the National Coal Board and was deployed at NCB Frickley Colliery at South Emsall in Yorkshire in July 1948.

Around April 1949 the locomotive was redeployed to Bluebell Inn opencast at Backworth in Northumberland. It was next to be found at Eccles Colliery at Backworth as No 48 in December 1959.

After a visit to Ashington Workshops in August 1966 it was based at Backworth Colliery and later Eccles Colliery at Backworth.

It moved to the Strathspey Railway in September 1976 and was fitted with vacuum brakes there in September 1977.

It ran on the Strathspey Railway as number 48. It was taken out of service in 1980 when it was described as being in a poor condition and has been stored ever since. It was then stored at Boat of Garten for a prolonged period..

In April 2018 the locomotive moved to the Aln Valley Railway. It is planned that it will initially be cosmetically restored and that its overhaul will start in 2020.

2864 lifts empties out of the New Sidings at Backworth in front of the headgear of Maude pit – September 1973
2864 at Backworth colliery
2864 at Eccles Colliert – October 1975
Hunslet 2864.jpg
2864 on the Strathspey Railway -August 1980

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