Hunslet   Works No 2879     WD75030 Diana 0-6-0ST

Hunslet 2879.jpg

See LNER class J94 for details.

This locomotive was built in 1943 by the Hunslet Engine Company for the Ministry of Defence. It then entered service as WD 75030.

The locomotive was delivered new to the WD depot at Burton Dassett near Kineton in Warwickshire in October 1943. Here it was deployed at the Central Ammunition Depot.

It was sold to Briggs Collieries Ltd to work at Whitwood Colliery at Castleford in Yorkshire as No 3 in September 1946. Ownership of the locomotive and colliery subsequently passed to the National Coal Board.

The locomotive was sent to the Hunslet Engine Company for repairs and to be fitted with an underfloor feed stoker in August 1962.

In March 1963 the locomotive was to be found at Waterloo Main Colliery at Temple Newsam in Yorkshire. Twelve months later it was moved to Allerto Bywater Workshops at Castleford before returning to Waterloo Main Colliery where it acquired the name Diana.

The name was removed before the locomotive was transferred to Wheldale Colliery at Castleford in September 1970. By May 1972 the locomotive was classed as a spare and the following year it was moved to Newmarket Colliery at Stanley in Yorkshire.

In January 1975 the locomotive was sold to A Maxwell and moved to Tyne & Wear Industrial Monuments Trust at the Bowes Railway near Gateshead.

The locomotive is based on the Caledonian Railway.

Hunslet 2879.jpg
2879 at Brechin on the Caledonian Railway – August 1983
2879 at Bridge of Dun on the Caledonian Railway – June 2018

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