Hunslet   Works No 3698     NCB 11 Repulse 0-6-0ST


This locomotive was built in 1950 by the Hunslet Engine Company to the design used to supply to the Ministry of Defence and is thus regarded as an Austerity type locomotive.

See LNER class J94 for details.

It was named after the Second Word War battle cruiser Repulse.

The locomotive was purchased by the National Coal Board (NCB) and spent its working life working in West Cumbria.

It had an arduous and adventurous career working for the North Western Area of the National Coal Board.

The locomotive was completely worn out mechanically when it was withdrawn from service in 1975 at Whitehaven, following closure of the Ladysmith washery and the lifting of the lines between there and the Haig Collery.

The engine was purchased by the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway (L&HR) from the scrap merchant just a week before being due to cut at the Ladysmtih site. It was delivered to Haverthaite in August 1976.

After a challenging restoration the locomotive was returned to steam at Haverthwaite. As part of the restoration it was equipped with a vacuum brake system so that it could haul passenger trains.

It has been used frequently on the L&HR and currently has a boiler certificate which is valid until 2026.

3698 taking on water at NCB Ladysmith, Cumberland – August 1973
3698 Repulse at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway – July 2011
3698 Repulse (centre) at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.
On the left is WG Bagnall Princess and Andrew Barclay 1245 is on the right – June 2013
3698 Repulse at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway – June 2013

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