Hunslet    Works No 3809 NCB 0-6-0ST

HE3809-&-D3891-Methil-sidings-August 1969.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1954 for the National Coal Board (NCB) by the Hunslet Engine Company to the design used to supply to the Ministry of Defence and is thus regarded as an Austerity type locomotive.

See LNER class J94 for details.

This locomotive started its working life with the NCB in East Fife at Wellesley Colliery.

In 1963 it was moved to the Dysart Central Workshops in  Fife where a new Giesel ejector chimney and blast-pipe assembly were fitted. It was the returned to Wellesley Colliery in 1964.

During 1966 and 1968 it was employed at Michael Colliery before returning again to Wellesley Colliery.

In 1972 it was moved to Thomas Muir Scrap Merchants at  Balbeggie in  Fife where it remained for many years.

In 1983 it was purchased for preservation in Scotland and in 1986 it was transferred to Shipyard Services at Brightlingsea in Essex for an overhaul.

Its next move was to the North Norfolk Railway in 1988 where it ran for a prolonged period and underwent two 10 year boiler certification periods.

In 2006 the locomotive was sold to the Weardale Railway. In the following year the railway amalgamated into RMS Locotec at Wakefield.

In 2008 it was privately purchased and moved to the Great Central Railway for overhaul by Locomotive Maintenance Services.

HE3809-&-D3891-Methil-sidings-August 1969.jpg
3809 at Methil sidings – August 1969
3809 on the North Norfolk Railway at Holt – August 1997
3809 at Sherringham on the North Norfolk Railway – 2003

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