Kerr, Stuart    Works No 3063    D249 Willy 0-4-0WT

Kerr Stuart 3063 on the Foxfield Railway - July 2013.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1918 by Kerr, Stuart & Company to a design developed by E Borrows & Sons much earlier.

It was bought new to work at the National Shipyard at Chepstow where it spent all of its working life. In 1982 it came under the ownership of Fairfield-Mabey Ltd.

As a result of the number of merchant ships lost in the First World War the government established a number of national shipyards of which Chepstow was one. As a result all shipbuilding companies at Chepstow came under government control.

Theses shipyards were expanded to form National Shipyard Number 1 (Chepstow). Over 6,000 men from the Royal Engineers built the shipyard, and men from Tyneside and the Clyde came to work at the yard. Garden cities were built for the workers in Hardwick, Bulwark and Pennsylvania. The concrete blocks used to construct the houses were produced by German prisoners of war. Camps were built for the workers, along with workshops, a power station and hospital.

In 1925 Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd bought and later dismantled the shipyard. In due course the company became Fairfield-Mabey Ltd who now specialise in steelwork for bridges and other structures.

Subsequently the locomotive moved to the Flour Mill where it was overhauled and returned to steam in 2012. It is now operational and employed as a works shunter at the Flour Mill.

3063 at Fairfield-Mabey Engineering – circa 1967
3063 in the Chepstow yard of Fairfield Mabey – May 1972
Kerr Stuart 3063 at Fairfields-Mabey, Chepstow - August 1976.jpg
3063 at Fairfield-Mabey, Chepstow – August 1976
Kerr Stuart 3063 on the Foxfield Railway - July 2013.jpg
3063 on the Foxfield Railway – July 2013
Kerr Stuart 3063 at the Avon Valley railway - April 2018.jpg
3063 at the Avon Valley railway – April 2018
3063 at Brownhills on the Chasewater Railway – April 2019

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