Kitson     Works No 5469    44 Conway 0-6-0ST

Kitson 5469 at South Cambridgeshire Railway, Heydon - 1991.jpg

This locomotive was built by Kitson and Co in 1933 to a Manning Wardle design which Kitson acquired when Manning Wardle closed in 1926. The design dates from around 1917 when Manning Wardle built six locomotives for Stewarts and Lloyds to work at the quarry at Corby.

When Kitson and Co stopped building locomotives in 1937 the designs passed to Robert Stephenson Hawthorn which built a further 5 locomotives. The Manning Wardle designs are now owned by the Hunslet-Barclay. The intellectual property rights for historic locomotive designs are held by the Hunslet Engine Company.

The locomotives of this design had 4ft 0in diameter wheels, two 16in inside cylinders and weighed 42tons 17cwt.

The locomotive was employed at Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd Corby ironstone quarries in 1969.

A number of locomotives supplied to Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd carried the names of Welsh towns in tribute to the Welsh wife of the owner of the company. The names were not displayed in the Welsh language which was not always well received.

In preservation it spent time at the South Cambridgeshire Railway which was a private railway on a farm.

It also had a spell at the Hunsbury Hill Industrial Museum.

In 2006 the locomotive was purchased by the Middleton Railway from a private owner with the support of the Preservation of Industrial and Scientific Material (PRISM) Fund which was  part of the  Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants. It was then stored at the Middleton Railway until January 2015 when it moved to the Locomotion, National Railway Museum at Shildon.

At Shildon the locomotive was partially cosmetically restored as part of a partnership between Locomotion, the National Railway Museum at Shildon and the Middleton Railway. The aim of the museum is to provide an opportunity for volunteers to keep and develop skills which will improve their employment prospects.

After the work done at Shildon the locomotive was put on display at the Middleton Railway.

Kitson 5469 at South Cambridgeshire Railway, Heydon - 1991.jpg
5469 at South Cambridgeshire Railway, Heydon – 1991
44 Conway at Locomotion at Shildon – April 2015
44 Conway at Locomotion at Shildon – April 2015

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