LMS 11243

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This engine was built as L&YR number 19 at Horwich in 1910.

The locomotive was allocated to Newton Heath shed in 1921 and was withdrawn ten years later it was sold to John Mowlem. To was given the name Basseet and used by its owner on a contract to extend Southampton Docks.

Two years later it was sold to George Cohen & Sons Ltd who were locomotive dealers and there is no record of it having been worked by them.

Four years later (in 1935) it was renamed Prince at Charlton, London at the works of United Glass Bottle Manufacturing Ltd. It remained there for the rest of its working life.

In 1967 in went to Haworth after a short spell at the Luton depot of the London Railway Preservation Society. It was transferred to the ownership of what is now the LYR Trust in 1969.

11243 was not been maintained in service to the same standard as 51218 but it has been occasionally steamed.

It was acquired by its current owners the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust in 1969.  A trial steaming at Haworth showed that extensive work was required, so 19 became a static exhibit, first at Oxenhope and subsequently at Steamport Southport, the former L&Y shed.  When that organisation relocated to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston the locomotive also relocated and is currently on public display there in its original L&YR black and numbered 19 again.

In January 2020 the locomotive was moved to the East Lancashire Railway where it was on display as part of the Lanky themed gala as 51241 although it was never taken into LMS stock.

Limited exploratory dismanting of the locomotive started in July 2020 with a view to assessing the feasibility of restoring the locomotive to steam. It has never steamed in preservation and has only been steam tested on- this was in the early 1970 at the KWVR and it failed and has remained a static exhibit since then.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Ribble Steam RailwayPossibly being overhauledLancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust
11243 at Haworth on the K&WVR – 1968
11243 on static display at the Ribble Steam Rrailway – September 2012
11243 on static display at the Ribble Steam Rrailway – October 2019

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