The First Generation of Steam LocomotivesFirst Genpuffing billy

Pre Grouping in 1923 – Not  into the big fourstirling single

Railway Company – Post 1923 Grouping

GWR – Great Western Railway small castle5700 small

SR – Southern RailwayN15BB

LMS – London Midland & ScottishCoronationJinty

LNER – London North Eastern RailwayA4j52

BR – British Railways locomotive designs post 19489f

New BuildTornadopatriot

Industrial LocomotivesInstrial image 2Instrial image 4.jpgInstrial image 3a.jpg

Narrow Gaugewrennarrow gauge

Broad Gaugefirefly

Metropolitan Railway – Including GWR etcMetro.jpg5700 small

National Railway Museum

History of Steam

Carnforth Motif Power Depot