Manning Wardle     Works No 1762 Dolobran 0-6-0ST

Manning Wardle 1762 at Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Corby June 1965.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1910 by Manning and Wardle & Co and was delivered new to Lloyd Ironstone Co to work in their quarries after the opening of blast furnaces in 1910 at Corby.

Lloyds Ironstone was amalgamated in 1919 with Alfred Hickman Ltd of Bilston and they, in turn, were bought by Stewarts & Lloyds in 1922, thus bringing the Corby system into S&L ownership.

The locomotive was given the name Dolobran after the name of the owners homestead near Welshpool.

Further locomotives were supplied to work at Corby to the same Manning and Wardle design but as Manning and Wardle had ceased trading later ones were supplied by Kitson and then Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn limited following the closure of Kitsons.

After withdrawal from service in 1968 the locomotive was preserved in storage at the Kent and East Sussex Railway from 1972 before going to North Woolwich in 1984 and then Peak Rail in 2002.

In 2003 it moved to the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) at Ruddington. Restoration work commenced at Ruddington and it was originally hoped to have it back in working order in 2012 but this did not prove to be the case. By 2015 the locomotive looked quite derelict.

By 2017 work had started on restoring the locomotive at Ruddington although little progress appears to have been made by early 2022.

Manning Wardle 1762 at Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Corby June 1965.jpg
1762 at Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Corby June 1965
1762 at Tenterden on the Kent & East Sussex Railway – September 1973
HC 1682 at Ruddington - May 2010.jpg
1762 at Ruddington – May 2010
Manning Wardle 1762 Nottingham Heritage Centre May 2015.jpg
1762 at the Nottingham Heritage Centre – May 2015

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