Manning Wardle     Works No 2010    42 Rhondda 0-6-0ST

Manning wardle 2010  Caister Castle  June 2018.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1921 by Manning and Wardle & Co and supplied to Stewarts and Lloyds, Minerals Corby. This followed the successful use of earlier Manning and Wardle locomotives (MW1316 and MW1317) in 1895.

Further locomotives were supplied to the same Manning and Wardle design but as Manning and Wardle had ceased trading later ones were supplied by Kitson and then Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn limited following the closure of Kitsons.

A number of locomotives supplied to Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd carried the names of Welsh towns in tribute to the Welsh wife of the owner of the company. The names were not displayed in the Welsh language which was not always well received. This locomotive was given the name Rhondda.

At some later time it was employed at the Harlaxstone Ironstone Quarry in Lincolnshire where it was number 42 in the locomotive fleet.

The Harlaxton ironstone quarries were the last to be developed for the extraction of ironstone from the long escarpment which stretches from near Melton Mowbray right through to Scunthorpe. An agreement was reached between the Stanton Ironworks Company and Mr Pearson-Gregory of Harlaxton Manor in 1922, extraction not to commence before 1932, but at that stage nothing happened. This was also the case with a further lease with the Welby Estate which covered (as far as the Harlaxton system was concerned) areas near Stroxton.

The onset of the Second World War brought matters to a head and construction of the line began in 1940. The major problem was the steepness of the escarpment which had to be surmounted to reach the extraction areas. This was achieved by creating a reversing point at Swine Hill, allowing the hill to be climbed in two stages. The average gradient of the climb was around 1 in 40, with the steepest section as much as 1 in 20, close to the adhesion limit for steam locomotive operation.

The line started at a junction with the existing LNER Denton branch near Casthorpe Road.

The locomotive is on static display in the open air at Caister Castle in Norfolk unlike the Motor Museum collection which is housed under cover.

2010 at Caister Castle in Norfolk – September 1974
Manning wardle 2010  Caister Castle  June 2018.jpg
2010 at Caister Castle – June 2018

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