Manning Wardle    Works No 865     RAF  No 111 Aldwyth 0-6-0ST

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This locomotive was built in 1882 by Manning and Wardle & Co for Lucas-Aird and Perry and Co. This company undertook a considerable amount of railways and docks work. Projects included stretches of the Metropolitan and District Lines in London, the Royal Albert Dock, Tilbury Docks, East and West India Docks extension. In 1886 they built the second Blackfriars railway bridge.

At some time the locomotive was sold to the Air Ministry for use at RAF Kenley in Surrey. This was a base in the First World War for the Royal Flying Corps and the RAF in the Second World War. Its main active phase commenced in 1917, and ceased in 1959 when RAF Fighter Command left the aerodrome.

The locomotive moved at some time to the Ministry of Works Depot at RAF Kidbrooke in south-east London. This site operated from 1917 until 1965 and was mainly used as a stores, maintenance and training facility.

It then went into storage at Cardiff Docks but in March 1967 the locomotive went to R L Dean at Newport for preservation. It is reported to have steamed in December 1967.

In July 1986 it was purchased by the Leeds City Council.

It is now on static display in the Leeds Industrial Museum having arrived there in July 1986.

865 at Cardiff Docks – December 1967
Manning wardle 865 at Caerleon - August 1976.jpg
865 at Caerleon – August 1976
MW 865 in the Leeds Industrial Museum - July 2014.jpg
865 in the Leeds Industrial Museum – July 2014

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