Neilson & Co     Works No 4444    No 1 0-4-0T

Neilson 4444 - June 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built by Neilson in 1892 and was used at the Beckton Gas Works which manufactured gas for most of London north of the Thames and was said to be the largest gas plant in the world.

Beckton By-Products Plant was a chemical works situated next door to the gas works and this locomotive survived there until October 1968 when it was purchased by Alan Bloom and moved to the Bressingham Steam Museum

In 2012 the locomotive left Bressingham and was put up for sale with an asking price of £40,000.

As of December 2020 the locomotive was at Preston Services near Canterbury and still available at a price of £40,000.

Preston Services are buyers and sellers of steam engines, spares and related items that was established 25 years ago to supply all types of steam engine, both full size and model steam. Stock includes traction engines, steam rollers, steam cars and steam boats, stationary steam engines, steam driven electrical generators, and much more. Parts and fittings include – boilers, whistles, boiler injectors and valves, plus engine parts and lubricators.

Neilson 4444 - June 2011.jpg
4444 – June 2011

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