Peckett & Sons     Works No 1579   Pectin  Bac No 2 0-4-0ST

P1579-BAC-Burtisland-August 1969.jpg

This locomotive was built to the M5 design by Peckett & Sons in 1921. It was delivered new to the British Aluminium Company at Burntisland, Fife, where the company had opened a bauxite reduction works. There it joined another Peckett locomotive (Works No 1376) which was been preserved.

The site at Burntisland was connected to the Aberdour line.

Pectin was sold to the 6000 Locomotive Association for £225 in December 1971 and moved Bulmers at Hereford in March 1972.Here it acquired the name Pectin.

The locomotive arrived at the Yeovil Railway Centre in 1995 having had its third boiler overhaul costing some £15,000.

In 2004 the locomotive was given a full ten year overhaul at Yeovil and two years later it was gifted to the South West Main Line Steam Co as part of the winding up of th the 6000 Locomotive Association.

The locomotive was withdrawn from service again in April 2014 for another ten year overhaul.

The locomotive was returned to steam at Yeovil in early 2022 before formally returning to traffic in March of that year.

P1579-BAC-Burtisland-August 1969.jpg
1579 at British Aluminium Company at Burntisland – August 1969
1579 at Bulmers Steam Centre at Hereford – June 1972
1579 at HP Bulmer, Hereford – October 1972
1579 takes on water at the Yeovil Railway Centre – August 2012

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