Peckett & Sons Works No 1611 0-4-0ST

Peckett 1611 Beal Goods Yard June 2012.jpg

This W5 class locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons in 1923 and was delivered new to the  Caurtauld factory at Coventry. The factory had exchange sidings adjacent to the LNWR Nuneaton to Coventry line.

At some time the locomotive was sold to Albright and Wilson for use at the chemical works at Portihead which opened in 1951. The chemical works produced white phosphorus from phosphate rock imported, through the docks, into the UK. Phosphate rock was stored in concrete silos on the dockside until it was required. The phosphorus was then moved in sealed railway tanks to Oldbury and to Kirkby.

Very little information about this locomotive in preservation exists other than in January 2009 it was sold by the Swanage Railway for £5,800 on eBay. At that stage it is believed that it was more of a kit of parts although it has been suggested the kit was not complete.

It now stands on a plinth at Beal next to the East Coast main line

ECML at Beal Railway Crossing south of Berwick-Upon Tweed.

Peckett 1611 Beal Goods Yard June 2012.jpg
1611 at Beal Goods Yard – June 2012

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