Peckett & Sons Works No 1749 No 2 Fulstow 0-4-0ST

Peckett 1749 - at Lincolnshire Wolds Railway -  April 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1928 by Peckett & Sons for Tarmack Roadstone Ltd. It spent is working life at Cawdor Quarry at Matlock in Derbyshire.

Stone from Cawdor Quarry was used in the construction of both Hyde Park Corner and the Thames Embankment in London.

It was taken into preservation by Brian Roberts of Tollerton who named the locomotive Ffiona after his daughter. He sold it in 1979 to Pete Clark who named it Fulstow after the village where he lives in Lincolnshire. The locomotive was then restored by 1988.

It was sold to Great Northern Locomotives Ltd in 1997. This company had been granted a Light Railway Order in 1991 and had purchased the trackbed between Louth and Waltham which extended about five miles either side of Ludborough. This is now the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.

An overhaul of the locomotive, which included the boiler and was carried out by volunteers, was completed at Ludborough in 2010 and it re-enterred traffic in November of that year.

The locomotive is operational on the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway although the boiler certificate expires in 2020.

Peckett 1749 - at Lincolnshire Wolds Railway -  April 2011.jpg
1749 at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway – April 2011
1749 at Rocks by Rail – November 2013
1749 at Ludborough on the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway August 2018

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