Peckett & Sons     Works No 2000 0-6-0ST

P2000-BSC-Ipswich-April 1973.jpg

This class B3 locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons to work at the Sproughton sugar beet factory at Ipswich.

The plant was built in 1924-5 by the Anglo-Dutch Sugar Company under a government drive (1925 Sugar Industry (Subsidy) Act) to make Britain more self sufficient in food after shortage during the First World War. Most of the original machinery was second-hand; dismantled from a factory in Holland and shipped to Felixstowe docks. At the start, the management was Dutch, but in 1936 the British Sugar Corporation was formed, and this and other factories were absorbed.

The locomotive started its life in preservation in 1977 on the Nene Valley Railway where it remained until 1984. In 1984 the North Woolwich Old Station Museum in East London opened it it was placed on static display there.

Newham Council closed the museum in 2008 but some years before this the locomotive left the museum.

It has visited many heritage railways since 2000 but appears to be still based at Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

It has visited many heritage railways since 2000 but is still based at Barrow Hill Roundhouse. It returned to Barrow Hill at the end of October 2018.

After a period on hire at Beamish the locomotive left there in June 2021 to go to the Helston Railway.

Peckett 2000 BSC Ipswich - November 1964.jpg
2000 BSC Ipswich – November 1964
P2000-BSC-Ipswich-April 1973.jpg
2000 at the BSC Ipswich – April 1973
2000 in front of RSH 7667 at North Woolwich – 1986
2000 at Barrow Hill – April 2009
Peckett 2000 Colne Valley Railway  August 2011.jpg
2000 on the Colne Valley Railway – August 2011
2000 at Barrow Hill Roundhouse – September 2015
2000 at Helston – July 2021

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