Peckett & Sons     Works No 917 917 0-4-0ST

P 917  Chasewater Railway April 2015.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1902 by Peckett & Sons as a class R1 locomotive.

It is not known who it was originally delivered to but in 1930 it was at the Albright and Wilson Works at Oldbury. The site had been where white phosphorus for matches was produced in 1851 and a few years later red phosphorus. The works was reached by a long siding off the Stourbridge to Birmingham line at Langley Green Station. This siding was originally part of the GWR branch to Oldbury.

The locomotive was sold into preservation in August 1978.

The locomotive is being stored on the Chasewater Railway.

P 917  Chasewater Railway April 2015.jpg
917 at the Chasewater Railway – April 2015

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