Preserved Overseas

It is believed that at least five War Department 2-10-0 locomotive remained in Greece until Lb966 was scrapped following it being used to provide parts for Lb962 and Lb964.

WD 3656, WD 73656   Lb955

This locomotive was withdrawn from service with Hellenic State Railways in the 1970s and

Is believed to have remained in a yard in in Thessalonki ever since. Attempts to bring the locomotive back to Britain have all been rebuffed.

WD 3677,  WD 73677, Lb962

This locomotive is owned by the Greek Railways and is stored in the depot at Drama with no prospect of it steaming again. It has run on the Greek Railways until sometime in the 2000s.

WD 3682,  WD 73682 < Lb964

This locomotive is owned by the Greek Railways.

It was overhauled at Kalochori works in 1988.

It has steamed in preservation hauling railtours on the Greek mainline until the mid 2000s. It now requires major work before it can steam again.

WD 73682 at Thessaloniki in Greece – May 1980

WD 3658,  WD 73658,  Lb958

This locomotive which is owned by the Greek Railways is stored in a former railway yard at Tithorea. It is largely in a scrapyard condition.

WD 3755,  WD 73755,  NS 5085  Longmoor

This locomotive is owned by the National Railway Museum at Ultrecht where it is currently located on static display.

It was the 1,000th British-built freight locomotive to be shipped to the Continent in just ten months during the Second World War. It crossed the channel o 9th May 1945 – the day after Germany surrendered.

WD 73755 in the museum at Ultrecht – March 1984

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