R & W Hawthorn   Works No 2009   No 3 Enterprise 0-4-0ST

RW Hawthorn 2009 Tanfield Railway  April 2012.jpg

This locomotive was built by R & W Hawthorn in 1884 and delivered new to Tredegar Wharf Co in Newport. Here it was named Enterprise.

Around 1937 the locomotive was sold to the dealers A R Adams & Son of Newport. They rebuilt the locomotive and sold it to RY Pickering & Co Ltd who were a wagon builder based in Wishaw in Lanarkshire.

At Pickering the locomotive became No 3.

In 1953 the locomotive was registered with the Railway Executive so that it could operate over BR tracks in the exchange sidings.

The locomotive was moved to Marley Hill on the Tanfield Railway in July 1979.

It remains at Marley Hill awaiting restoration work to commence.

RW Hawthorn 2009 Tanfield Railway  April 2012.jpg 2009 at the Tanfield Railway – April 2012

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