Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn     Works No 7035     Lysaghts Donna 0-6-0ST

RSH 7035 at the Tanfield Railway - August 2018.jpg

This locomotive was completed at the Newcastle Works of Robert Spephenson & Hawthorn in February 1941 although the work on it had been started earlier at the Darlington Works.

It entered service with Appleby-Frodingham Steel Co Ltd at the Frodingham Steelworks in Scunthorpe as Frodingham Steel Co No 62.

The life of a steelworks loco is hard and she was rebuilt twice at their well equipped Central Engineering Workshops in 1950 and 1957.

Following the almost total dieselisation of the Frodingham Steelworks it was one of the last steam locomotives in good condition so that in December 1960 it was sold to John Lysaghts Scunthorpe Works Ltd at the Normanby Park Steelworks where it became No.15.

Its new task was to haul wagons of molten slag up the heavily graded line to the slag tip, which was some distance from the works. The locomotives worked bunker first to shield the crews from the intense heat.

Following the dieselisation of the movement of the slag in April 1964 the locomotive was presented to the Scunthorpe Borough Council as a piece of play equipment in their Jubilee Playing Fields at Ashby, near Scunthorpe.

The locomotive moved to Marley Hill on the Tanfield Railway in October 1982. Since then it has been dismantled and the frames shot blasted. Restoring the locomotive, now named Donna, is seen as a long term job.

RSH 7035 at the Tanfield Railway - August 2018.jpg
7035 frames at the Tanfield Railway – August 2018

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