Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn     Works No 7485    Agecroft No 2 0-4-0ST

RSH 7485 at Agecroft Power Station - July 1977.jpg

This locomotive was built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn in 1948 as one of three locomotives locomotives ordered by the Salford Corporation Electricity Department for use at Agecroft Power Station near Manchester where they shunted coal wagons from the power station to the coal tipplers.

The locomotive was delivered to Agecroft BR shed by goods train. It was put into store nearby and did not go into service until December 1950.

In 1957 the power station passed into the ownership of the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB).

The engines became redundant when a conveyor belt was constructed to bring the coal supplies in directly from Agecroft colliery.

When the surplus locomotives were offered for sale this locomotive was purchased and moved to Steamport at Southport by road in December 1982. Following intensive restoration, the locomotive spent much of the 1990s masquerading as Thomas the Tank Engine (or at least his very close friend) at events at Southport, and also appearing at the Preston Guild celebrations of 1992.

Steamport was housed in the old Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway engine shed at Southport until Steamport closed in 1999 and most of the collection including Agecroft No 2 moved to the Ribble Steam Railway.

The locomotive spent most of 2004 off site at the East Lancashire Railway, masquerading as “Percy” for their Thomas events, but after returned to the Ribble Steam Railway to haul the first passenger train at the Ribble Steam January 2005. This was followed up by operating the inaugural train on our formal open day in September 2005.

Until September 2008 the locomotive was a regular performer on the line. In November 2008 the locomotive was withdrawn for a ten year overhaul.

The locomotive is currently on static display whilst it awaits an overhaul.

RSH 7485 at Agecroft Power Station - July 1977.jpg
7485 at Agecroft Power Station – July 1977
7485 at the Ribble Steam Railway – September 2012
RSH 7485 Ribble Steam Railway Feb 2013.jpg
7485 at the Ribble Steam Railway – February 2013
7485 at the museum on the Ribble Steam Railway – June 2019

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