Sentinel       Works No 6155 0-4-0 VBGT

This locomotive was converted from a traditionally designed steam locomotive with a horizontal boiler which was powered via the cylinders to one with a vertical boiler using a chain drive to both axles. The conversion was undertaken by Sentinel in the 1920s, presumably after Sentinel Industrial Locomotives Ltd had been established in 1925. The conversion is said to have reduced the running cost of the locomotive by 50%.

The short wheel base of the locomotive meant that it could negotiate tight curves and the use of the chain drive eliminated the hammer-blow (associated with the use of cylinders) so it could be used on light rails.

The locomotive spent its working life under the ownership of the Coalbrookdale Co Ltd where it was no 5.

The remains of the locomotive have been on display at the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron for many years.

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