Sentinel       Works No 7492     Fry 0-4-0 VBGT

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This locomotive was built by Sentinel in 1928. It started its working life at the J S Fry & Sons Somerdale Chocolate Factory in Keynsham.

It is possible that its was acquired by Fry as many of the parts of the locomotive were compatible with the Sentinel steam waggons the company utilised at that time.

In 1940 a runaway track smashes into the rear of the locomotive and wrecked the cab.

The locomotive was taken out of service in 1956 and placed in store. After being in store for a number of years it was sold in 1964 to a scrapyard in grove Road Fishponds where it was put on display rather than being cut up.

In 1970 the locomotive was sold to a Gardner & Sons who moved it to Suffolk. It subsequently was sold and moved by the new owner at Colchester.

Following a five-year search for the locomotive in 2010 it was purchased by Eric Miles and moved to Bitton on the Avon Valley Railway. The new owner was a former apprentice at the Fry’s Somerdale Chocolate Factory.

The locomotive was restored on the Avon Valley Railway which is fitting as the line is only a mile away from where the locomotive worked at Keynsham.

In February 2019 it was reported that the aim was to have the locomotive operational again in April 2019 which was subsequently achieved.

7492 on display at Bitton on the Avon Valley Railway – September 2017
Sentinel 7492 at the Avon Valley Railway - April 2018.jpg
7492 at the Avon Valley Railway – April 2018
7492 at Bitton on the Avon Valley Railway – September 2019

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