Sentinel       Works No 8024     Gas Bag No 7 0-4-0 VBGT

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This locomotive was built by Sentinel in 1929 for the Cambridge University & Town Gas Co. At that time the gas company also owned Sentinel steam waggons which may have influenced the decision to buy the locomotive as some parts were interchangeable.

It became Gas Bag No 7.

In 1949 the locomotive came under the ownership of the Eastern Gas Board following the Gas Act of 1948 which nationalised the industry.

The locomotive became redundant when the spread of North Sea gas changed the nature of gas supply in Britain.

The locomotive started its life in preservation at Steamtown at Carnforth which was established in 1967 and which is now the base for West Coast Railways. It arrived at Carnforth in 1969 and remained there until 1997 when it was purchased and moved to Steamport at Southport where it was restored to service.

In March 1999 the locomotive was moved to the Ribble Steam Railway along with much of the collection at Southport.

The locomotive returned to steam again in August 2007 but is now out of service following the expiry of the boiler certificate.

It is now on static display in the Ribble Steam Railway Museum.

8024 Gas Bag No 7 at Steamtown Carnforth – July 1969
8024 Gasbag at Carnforth – May 1975
8024 at the Ribble Steam Railway – October 2004
8024 at the Ribble Steam Railway – October 2019

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