Sentinel       Works No 9373      St Monans 0-4-0 VBGT

Sentinel 9373 Hawthorn Gypsup Works - c1968.jpg

This locomotive was built by Sentinel in 1946 for Cafferata & Co to work at the Hawton Plaster works near Newark-on-Trent where it was named St Monans. The name was taken from an Andrew Barclay locomotive of 1885 and relates to a parish in Fife which was more fitting for the earlier Scottish built locomotive.

Cafferata and Company was founded in 1850 by William Cafferata but later became part of British Gypsum Ltd.

The works were established when the nearby Beacon Hill Quarry opened in 1881. It was linked to the quarry and to a wharf on the River Trent by a tramway. The Cafferata Works continued most successfully until 1974. Then the retirement of Gerald Cafferata, who was by then leading the organisation, signalled the beginnings of a wind-down.

The locomotive worked at Hawton until it was replaced by diesel traction in 1971.

It was initially sold to a member of the Great Central Railway (GCR) at Loughborough where restoration work commenced. It was then re-sold and arrived at Steamport at Southport in October 1979, where work was completed. It ran regularly at Southport until it was taken out of traffic after the superheater failed in the early 1990s but it has not steamed again since then.

The engine was moved to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston in March 1999.

The locomotive was awaiting an overhaul for many years.

It was reported in the summer of 2020 that the locomotive was being overhauled.

Sentinel 9373 Hawthorn Gypsup Works - c1968.jpg
9373 Hawthorn Gypsup Works – c1968
9373 at British Gypsum, Hawton Quarry – circa 1969
Sentinel 9373 at Steamport, Southport - September 1988.jpg
9373 at Steamport, Southport – September 1988
9373 at the Ribble Steam Railway – October 2019

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