Sentinel       Works No 9628      Robin 0-4-0 VBGT


This locomotive was built by Sentinel in 1953 for R B Tennant and worked at the Whifiet Foundry in Coatbridge.

The foundry was closed in 1995.

The locomotive is now awaiting an overhaul at the Summerlee Industrial Museum in Coatbridge.

9628 at RB Tennat, Coatbridge – August 1975
9628 Tennent’s Whifflet Foundry, Coatbridge – December 1975
Sentinel 9628 at R B Tennent's Whifflet Foundry, Coatbridge.jpg
9628 at R B Tennent’s Whifflet Foundry, Coatbridge
9628 at Summerlee Heritage Park, Coatbridge – July 2015
9628 at the Summerlee Museum at Coatbridge – August 2018

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