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Southern Railway including locomotives built before 1927 which were taken into SR stock.

A1 and A1X  0-6-0T  LBSCR  Stroudley Terrier

BB & WC  4-6-2  SR  Bullied  Battle of Britain & West Country

B1  0-4-2  LBSCR  Stroudley

B4  0-4-0T  LSWR  Adams & Drummond

C  0-6-0  SECR  Wainwright

D  0-4-0  SECR  Wainwright  

E  4-4-0  SECR  Wainwright

E1  0-6-0T  LBSCR  Stroudley

E4  0-6-2T LBSCR  Billington

H  0-4-4T  SECR  Wainwright

H2  4-4-2  LBSCR  Marsh

LN  4-6-0  SR  Maunsell  Lord Nelson

MN  4-6-2  SR  Bullied  Merchant Navy

 M7  0-4-4T  LSWR  Drummond

N  2-6-0  SECR & SR  Maunsell

N15  4-6-0  LSWR Urie & SR Maunsell  King Arthur

O1  0-6-0  SECR  Stirling & Wainwright

O2  0-4-4T  LSWR  Adams

P  0-6-0T  SECR  Wainwright

Q  0-6-0  SR  Maunsell

Q1  0-6-0  SR Bullied  Austerity

S15  4-6-0  LSWR  Urie & Maunsell

T3  4-4-0  LSWR  Adams

T9  4-4-0  LSWR  Drummond

U  2-6-0  SR  Maunsell 

 USA  0-6-0T  SR, War Department

V  4-4-0  SR  Maunsell Schools

0298  2-4-0WT  LSWR  Beattie

0415  4-4-2T  LSWR  Adams

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