W G Bagnall   Works No 2648 Linda 0-4-0ST

Bagnall 2648 Chasewater Heaths Station  March 2012.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1941 by W G Bagnall as the first of a batch of nine built for the Ministry of Supply for use at Royal Ordnance Factories. In August 1965 it moved from the former Royal Ordinance Factory in Coleford, Gloucestershire to the Fort Dunlop tyre works near Birmingham where it became Dunlop No 6.

The Fort Dunlop site which was built in 1916 covered 40 acres with sidings connected to the Midland Railway line to Water Orton. Traffic consisted of inbound raw materials and coal for the power house as well as the despatch of finished products. Strangely, an engine shed was never provided, locomotives latterly standing under the loading canopy when not in use.

The locomotive was taken out of use when steam working ceased in 1971.

It then went to the Battlefield Line Railway but has since moved to the Chasewater Railway.

It returned to traffic on the Chasewater line in 2017.

Bagnall 2648 Chasewater Heaths Station  March 2012.jpg 2648 Chasewater Heaths Station –  March 2012

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