W G Bagnall Works No 2749 WD75161 0-6-0ST

Bagnall 2749 at Backworth Colliery 1972.jpg

See LNER class J94 for details.

This locomotive is an Austerity type locomotive built for the Second World War effort by W G Bagnall in 1944. Bagnall built the locomotive as a sub-contractor to Hunslet Engine Co Ltd. Bagnall built 52 of the 377 that were built for the War Department between 1943 and 1947. This locomotive carried the number WD75161. The LNER bought some of these locomotives which became the J94 class.

The locomotive was delivered new to the Central Ordnance Depot at Donnington in Shropshire in August 1944. In November of that year it moved on to the Command Ordnance Supply Depot at West Hallam in Derbyshire.

Like many other locomotives of this class it was next employed in the coal mining industry when it was employed by the Ministry of Fuel and Power at West Hallam opencast mine at Ilkeston in Derbyshire in April 1946. It remained at Hallam until around July 1961 when it moved to Backworth in Northumberland where it became No 6. It was employed there until it was taken out of use around February 1976.

In May 1977 the locomotive was sold to W Maxwell for preservation and moved to the Tyne & Wear Industrial Monuments Trust on the Bowes Railway.

In August 1979 the locomotive moved north to the Brechin Railway Preservation Society. It steamed at Brechin in 1988.  

It is based on the Caledonian Railway where it is awaiting an overhaul.

Bagnall 2749 at Backworth Colliery 1972.jpg
2749 at Backworth Colliery – 1972
2749 shunting at Eccles Colliery, Backworth, Northumberland – June 1973
2749 on the Backworth colliery system – July 1973
2749 with empty coal waggons on the Backworth NCB system crossing the BR Blyth and Tyne lines at Easrsdon. Hunslet 2864 can be seen in the background on the left awaiting the arrival of empties. – September 1973
2749 at Backworth colliery – June 1975
Bagnall 2749 of Backworth Loco Shed shunts Eccles Colliery - August 1975.jpg
2749 of Backworth Loco Shed shunts Eccles Colliery – August 1975
Bagnall 2749 on the Backworth colliery system with a load from Eccles pit – Summer 1975
2749 awaiting overhaul at Bridge of Dun on the Caledonian Railway – August 2018

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