WD75133  –  Hunslet Works No 3183 King Feisel of Iraq

This locomotive is part of the Nation Collection

Hunslet Austerity locomotive No. 3183 ‘King Feisal of Iraq’. 0-6-0 Saddle Tank made by Hunslet Engine Company August 1944 as War Department number 75133 at Bicester. Named ‘King Feisal of Iraq’ in 1946 in honour of pulling the train of the 11 year old king to Bicester Central Ordnance Depot. The locomotive was renumbered as 138 in 1954 and remained in military service until 1963. It was then sold to the National Coal Board and operated at Woolley Colliery as number 8 until 1982.

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National Railway Museum – On loan to The Flour Mill at Bream National Railway MuseumNRM Object Number{2005-7287}

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