WG Bagnall   Works No 2469 0-4-0ST

Bagnall 2469 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - April 2017.jpg
DesignerW G Bagnall
Weight22t 15cwt
Driving Wheels3ft 0½in
Boiler Pressure160psi
CylindersOutside – 12in x 18in
Tractive Effort9,658lbf
Valve Gear

This locomotive was built by W G Bagnall in 1932 for the Fraser and Chalmers division of the General Electric Company in Erith, Kent. Here it carried the number V75. A second set of buffers was fitted at low level to suit the very low wagons employed by the company for the transport of heavy castings.

In 1953 the engine underwent a heavy overhaul, during which it received a new firebox, but after this little work seems to have been done.

At the reorganisation which followed the take-over of Fraser and Chalmers by C A Parsons, V75 was declared redundant and offered for sale. A Quainton Railway Centre member purchased the locomotive and after storage at Luton it arrived at Quainton in April 1969.

During 2011 the boiler was sent to Locomotive Maintenance Services on the Great Central Railway where a heavy overhaul was completed, including a new tube plate, some replacement barrel sections and new stays fitted. The boiler was returned to Quainton and refitted to the locomotive during February 2013. In May 2013 the tank, cab and chimney were returned to the locomotive.

The locomotive underwent steam trails in November 2013 which was the first time it had been steamed since the 1960s.

2469 formally entered traffic at Buvckinghamshire Railway at  Quainton in May 2014.

It is in a deep blue livery, similar to that it carried in its final industrial service in Kent.

Bagnall 2469 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - April 2017.jpg
2469 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre – April 2017
2469 at Quainton Road – May 2017
2469 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre – August 2019

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